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At Global Research and Strategy Group, our goal is to build solid relationships with our clients, their success is our success. But don’t just take our word for it; here’s what our clients are saying about our professional service.

Ms. Syed and Dr. Steede offered to develop and implement a membership survey pro-bono. This involved developing multiple drafts of questions used to measure the performance of the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce, as well as distribution to our members. Ms. Syed and Dr. Steede were easy to contact and worked relentlessly to ensure the survey met the standards of the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce. The team was and is also very reliable, it must be
noted that Nosheen and Leslie were able to adhere to the set deadlines presented at the beginning of the project, while simultaneously working with a number of other clients. As their services were offered to us pro-bono, it is most admirable that we were given the same attention and courtesy as other paid clients.

On behalf of the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce, I strongly recommend Global Research and Strategy Group to all in need of services surrounding market research.

Korrin Lightbourne & Kendaree Burgess

Bermuda Chamber of Commerce

Global Research has been our agency of choice for conducting the College’s public perception surveys for almost a decade. They are thorough, efficient and totally professional, delivering consistently on schedule and within budget. I was personally impressed with the high level of integrity and the discretion used even in the selection of their survey staff.  It’s not just about the numbers and the product outcome with them; it’s a service  – and they deliver it par excellence, consistently.
Evelyn James Barnett

Director of Communications, Bermuda College

I have had the pleasure of working with Global Research along several fronts as a client and as a volunteer for their focus groups. I would describe them as enthusiastic, professional and totally focused on client service.

I have engaged them on projects for different organizations and have been more than pleased with the thoroughness of their approach, analysis and final report. They work hard to understand the client’s needs and will coach clients to ensure that the data meets the client’s objectives.

Dr. Leslie Steede and Nosheen Syed are making a difference in our community by their reputation for unbiased and reliable research which is often used to build understanding of this country’s needs.  Both deserve credit for the undeniable good their work has provided Bermuda.  I wish them well for the future.

Ralph Richardson

Executive Director, Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust

During my tenure as Head of Marketing at Bank of Bermuda/HSBC and as Marketing Manager, Ascendant Group Limited, I experienced firsthand the value of the insights provided by Global Research. Regardless of the research methods employed – telephone/online surveys, one-on-one personal interviews, focus groups, or mystery shopping – the results from Global Research studies that we commissioned yielded practical data and actionable answers to, among other things, questions about customer engagement, competitive offerings, and the community’s appetite for change. In the process, I have had the distinct pleasure of watching the professional growth of Dr. Leslie Steede, under the guidance of industry veteran, Nosheen Syed, from a graduate student to a principal in Global Research. Knowing that he is one of many Bermudians who can credit Global Research with his income, is also noteworthy.
Cynthia Wright

Marketing Consultant, The Wright Stuff Consulting

As an organization that tries to be data driven when making key changes as well as assessing the ongoing success of certain business lines, we have worked with Global Research to not only get the data, but most importantly get advice on what questions to ask.  The quality of the information we got back was both highly useful and pertinent to our forward planning.  It was extremely informative and had was statically sound representing the local market that we exist in.  We can say without hesitation that Global Research is a quality market research organization, and the information that they have mined for us has been highly beneficial to our company.
Philip Barnett

President, Island Restaurant Group Ltd.

I have often engaged the services of Global Research (Nosheen Syed and Leslie Steede) to conduct detailed surveys of our customers.
At all times I have judged the work and services of Global Research to be of the absolute highest standard, clearly dealing and often going above and beyond the  scope of requirements. I have found their work to be crisp, articulate and leading to logical and understandable conclusions.
Additionally, when asked to provide background or supplementary commentary, or elaboration on specific issues, further feedback has been promptly forthcoming and has added to my understanding of responses and specific subjects under focus.
Bob Wilson

Chief Banking Officer, Clarien Bank Limited

On behalf of the Mirrors Team, I would like to thank Dr. Steede for his invaluable service to strengthen our reported program results. We had several years of data in files and he supported us in analyzing the data and presenting it in a way that allowed us to see the immediate results of each cohort serviced and comparisons across cohorts. He has truly partnered with us beyond the scope of the contracted work to be a team player in improving our evaluation tools to provide value in our measured outputs, trends and emerging issues for future planning. He listens to our needs and is solution focused. Dr. Steede has demonstrated a high level of professionalism and thoroughness in evaluating the program data to support us in improved reporting to our key stakeholders. We have seen a direct impact of increased funding from the corporate sector after using the data and presentations that he created summarizing the program results. Dr. Steede is our selected partner for all research matters and I highly recommend his services.
Kimberley Jackson

Programme Coordinator, Mirrors

Global Research has been a key partner for AAC Saatchi & Saatchi for clients that need in-depth analysis of public perception and test new product services. They are efficient, deliver on time and always provide a comprehensive report. We consider them of great value when planning communication strategies for our clients. We trust their sensitivity and knowledge of the Bermuda Market and will continue to use them as our first choice for research. We have worked with them for many years and will continue to rely on their services.
Rhona Emmerson

President and Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi

TeleBermuda International has exclusively used the team at Global Research for all of our Market Research needs for over the past decade. We are extremely satisfied with not only the quality of work but also with their attention to detail. ‎They are meticulous in ensuring that the survey results are conducted with complete integrity and are reflective of Bermuda’s unique population. We have regularly used Global Research data to make important decisions and will continue to do so in the future.
Gregory Swan

CEO, Telebermuda International

In our quest to get the patient’s perspective on our care delivery at KEMH, we chose the team at Global Research over other vendors, to assist us in gathering this important data. From the very beginning, they have been responsive, professional, supportive, and very dedicated to our organization throughout this entire process, from questionnaire formulation to data collection. They have spent time ascertaining the type of questions that we wanted to ask our patients and they have modified our questionnaire and our patient satisfaction results formatting (at our request) numerous times to meet our needs. They have become an integral part of our team and we feel very fortunate to be able to forge this positive relationship with them. For the very first time, KEMH is now able to receive statistically viable data from our patient satisfaction questionnaires since January 2009. We look forward to continue to work with this dynamic and committed team.
Preston Swan

VP of Quality and Risk Management, Bermuda Hospitals Board

We engaged Global Research to perform work with our business and customer service teams to develop a strategy for measuring our customer service levels on both individual and commercial lines of business. They provided us with a comprehensive analysis and recommendation for how to approach our customer satisfaction survey and were both on time and on budget.

BF&M’s Business Team was pleased and impressed with both the methodology and people we dealt with throughout the project. Their knowledge and experience was extremely helpful as they guided us throughout our customers satisfaction survey process. They were very thorough and flexible in developing a plan that suited our needs and unique requirements. The planned work and process were spelled out in detail in our contract and the statement of work objectives and expectations were met in full. I was most impressed with Global Research’s flexibility in adapting to BF&M’s specific needs and occasional variations in project pacing. They showed professionalism in all dealing with us and the members of our customer groups that they interacted with. The resulting research results and analysis from Global Research has helped shape our customer service program and approach for the past 3 years. The resulting investments have given us a return on our investment. I would not hesitate to engage and work with them again on any similar projects.

Paul Matthews

Chief Information Officer, BF&M Insurance

When you sign on with Global Research, you have gained a partner who becomes an extension of your organization. They consistently go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that the outcome of their service provides significant value. Additionally, Global Research keep abreast of industry trends in order to advise and ensure that you are collecting the most beneficial information.
Marisa Stones

Director Department of E-Commerce, Ministry of Economic Development, Government of Bermuda

The Centre on Philanthropy is the only charity in Bermuda that supports other charities through collaboration and direct support, thereby contributing to the greater good of our wonderful island home. Through training and education, advocacy and coordinating and promoting volunteerism, we provide capacity building support, fund-raise and assist others to support non-profits.

Dr. Leslie Steede and his team have been invaluable to us by providing the expertise that we need to undertake such projects as the Third Sector Manpower Survey and others, which provides in-depth knowledge to all of our stakeholders including the Government.

The Global Research team are always a pleasure to work with and we have become accustomed to their excellent service and project outcomes. They make us look good!

Elaine Butterfield

Executive Director, The Centre on Philanthropy

Global Research has continued to provide customized and detailed feedback from the consumer community. The information collected, analyzed and presented has been rich with key trends and insight to our business. The information has assisted with shaping the direction of our offerings and the way in which we approach the marketplace, including which medium to better reach customers.
Stanley Wright

CEO, World On Wireless Ltd.

I was extremely impressed by both the level of understanding and solutions offered by Sheeny and the team at Global research. At AS Cooper we wanted to learn more about what our customers thought of us and wanted from a first class experience both in regard to service and merchandise offered. Their understanding of our needs and the market we wished to communicate with was of great value to us and in fact drove several decisions resulting in what we believed was positive change for our client base. They spent time getting to understand both our business and strategic requirements and provided us with information that was easily acted upon. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anybody who may wish to learn the good, the bad and the ugly of where their organization is and to focus on improvements that can be easily implemented.
Ian Smith

Managing Director, AS Coopers

AESG is new, fresh, and innovative energy solutions company, so when we seek strategic partners and/or service providers in our community, we look for companies that reflect our qualities. Global Research is the company we use for all of our market research needs. They have continuously demonstrated their unique ability to capture and present data in ways that have been critical to our success. In addition; we have found their value for money ‘second to none’ in their market.
Their investment in Bermuda and Bermudians is another value we share with Global Research. This is a major differentiator from their competitors and an overwhelming factor in our decision to use their products and services in the future.
Damon Wade

CEO, Atlantic Energy Solutions Group Ltd.

I am very pleased with the outcome of a highly analytical project that I completed with Global Research. The deliverable exceeded our expectations and contributes significantly to our ability to drive revenue. Global Research executed this complex project in a timely manner with exceptional quality. The team was beyond responsive and I very much enjoy their passion for the research industry.
Wayne R. Scott


Dr. Leslie Steede and the team at Global Research assisted Bank of Bermuda Foundation when, as part of our strategic planning process, we wanted to approach our customers and seek their input.
Global Research were able to meet our tight timeline and help us formulate an appropriate questionnaire, in order to “draw out” good data. We enjoyed our partnership.
David Lang

Managing Director, Bank of Bermuda Foundation

The readers of The Royal Gazette rely on the editorial team to provide not only the news of the day, but deeper insight into how Bermudians as a whole feel about current issues. The team at Global Research helps the editorial team develop unique questions that probe underlying perceptions and attitudes—essentially “taking the pulse” of Bermuda. In addition, their accurate polling of election results has helped The Royal Gazette’s credibility as a reliable news source. We will continue to use Global Research for their statistically valid data in our editorial content and to help us to better understand our audience.
Jonathan Howes

CEO, The Bermuda Press (Holdings) Ltd.

We have worked with Dr. Leslie Steede on past projects and he has been an invaluable resource for the Department of E-Commerce.  He has worked closely with us to create customized research studies designed to provide long term value in identifying current issues and emerging trends. Furthermore, Dr. Steede has been available to us for additional presentations of the results to various stakeholders. We are extremely pleased with the level of service we receive.
Nancy Volesky

Director of E-Commerce, Ministry of Education & Economic Development, Government of Bermuda

I have always been impressed by the professionalism and expertise of the Global Research team. Their understanding of the industry and local market is of immense value and a key factor in providing the strategic insight we needed to compete in a highly competitive and saturated market. They were responsive to our needs, always met our tight deadlines and provided results-oriented solutions. The Global Research team has been our partner of choice for many years and I highly recommend their services.
Shane Mora

(Former) Marketing Director, Digicel Bermuda

It is rare that one encounters a company that is so accommodating and sensitive to the needs of its client. From our initial meeting with Dr. Leslie Steede and Nosheen Syed, each and every one of our concerns was carefully considered and attended to. Knowing that time was short to organize and conduct the surveys, they worked quickly and effectively and met our timeline.

We were also impressed with their frequent feedback and the professional tone of all their communication. What we found so impressive was their personal approach. Dr. Steede visited the School to follow-up and inquire how the company could assist further with the project. It was determined that an Executive Survey would be useful and a presentation to the Board of Trustees to allow them to ask questions about the results.

I am delighted to be able to recommend specifically the individuals mentioned above and the company in general.

Yours sincerely,

Ted Staunton

Head of School, Saltus Grammar School

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