Focus groups and in-depth interviews

Qualitative research is an art as well as a science, requiring flexible, engaging, curious researchers.


Focus groups

These are forms of exploratory qualitative research which aim to uncover customer attitudes and motivations, and probe deeply into perceptions of a particular brand, product or service.

Focus group sessions typically involve a group of respondents who meet to voice their perceptions of a particular brand or issue. The discussion is led by a certified facilitator and the research client is given the opportunity to anonymously observe (both see and hear) the focus group discussions as they take place.

Focus groups are particularly effective when you are:

Launching a new company or brand, or are re-branding


Developing a new product or service



Wanting to understand what motivates your customers’ behavior



In-depth interviews

In-depth interviews or one-on-one interviews are generally used when the research objective is of a more confidential nature (e.g. banking, legal, corporate research) or when a researcher is seeking to elicit in-depth insight from specific individuals (i.e. health care professionals).

In-depth Interviews are particularly effective when you:

Want to know the perceptions, opinions and needs of specific decision-makers


Need to delve deeper to collect more information from each participant



Want the participant to be able to speak freely in a one-on-one setting



Critical to the success of focus groups and in-depth interviews is a trained moderator who is capable of asking the right questions and successfully guiding (but not leading) the conversation.  Successful moderators often utilize projective techniques to uncover rich imagery and deep insights about an organization’s brand, products and services.

Global Research moderators are certified and professionally trained in successfully guiding focus groups and in-depth interviews. They have moderated 1000’s of focus groups and in-depth interviews for all major industries.

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