Customer satisfaction


The health of a company’s relationship with its customers is the best predictor of future success.

A happy customer is a loyal customer. Measuring and tracking customer satisfaction are key tools to ensure you continue to provide optimal levels of service that will help your organization increase market share, capitalize on opportunities, and chart out a path for future progress and improvement. It can also provide insights into the customer service performance and experience of your competitors.

The Global Research team have extensive experience in designing customised customers satisfaction research initiatives for all industries. The team will adopt the best methodology for achieving your objectives. Research can consist of specific follow-up with customer who have had a recent interaction and surveys of the general population to measure how you stack up next to your competitors.

With a Global Research and Strategy Group Customer Satisfaction Plan, you can:

Track customer satisfaction over time and how you rate in the market place
Receive feedback and recommendations on how to provide the level of service your customers demand


Determine benchmark measures you can use to evaluate your employees


We can help you

measure and track customer satisfaction