We will help you choose the best survey methodology to suit your needs and budget.


Telephone Surveys

Our trained, professional interviewers will provide you with accurate data and can elicit rich feedback where necessary to help give you better insights into attitudes and perceptions. We use CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview) to survey a representative sample of the population or we can customize the sample to suit your needs.


Online Surveys

The Internet provides a cost-effective medium for surveys with the ability to test rich visual and multimedia content. Online surveys can also allow respondents to participate at their convenience, taking the time to provide more thoughtful responses and to feel more at ease with sensitive topics.


Intercept Surveys

Sometimes the best way to capture someone’s opinion is face to face, immediately after an event or customer service interaction. Global Research and Strategy Group can conduct in-person intercept interviews wherever you need—at an event, outside your business (or your competitor’s) or door to door.

We can help you

get the feedback you need