Mystery shopping


Gain valuable, first hand information about how customers perceive your products, retail environment and customer service.

Mystery Shopping is a form of exploratory research designed to uncover brand perceptions through an analysis of shopping experiences including perceptions of: product, retail environment, customer service and communications.

A mystery shopper poses as a customer to ask questions, voice complaints or make purchases. This type of research reveals how businesses naturally operate as employees do not realize that they are being evaluated.
Global Research employs hundreds of mystery shoppers who represent all different segments of the population. They are savvy, discrete and articulate, and pay attention to detail.

Our shoppers visit the assigned locations and assess the experiences from the instant they enter the door. They document their experiences in detail, and tell the story of the shopping process including the interaction with the staff, the environment of the store or business, the ability of the salesperson to affect a purchase, and the overall knowledge and presentation of the store or business representative.

Details identified in each shopping experience include:

Décor: Overall ambiance, attractiveness and branding
Amenities: Items useful for the shopper should they have to wait for services


Layout: Of the store and/or reception area


Helpfulness: The degree shown by the receptionist or sales person
Overall: Evaluation of the sales person: accuracy, product knowledge, pleasantness etc.


Proactivity: Did anyone go beyond the call of duty, upsell ability, etc.


Process: Of purchasing or application

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