Bermedia Trends


Bermedia Trends is a yearly poll that measures media choices and trends in Bermuda to ensure you are spending your advertising dollars in the most effective manner to reach your target audience.

Every year you spend a substantial amount of your marketing budget on advertising. This can vary from hundreds of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you simply throw money at advertising, without knowing which media are effective, hard earned profits could be going to waste.

Bermedia Trends was established in response to a demand from several of our existing clients. Many of them work with advertising agencies both on and off the Island, and one consistent question that they have is: Am I getting true value for the money I am spending?

Individuals are polled on their media choices and trends in traditional media (i.e. magazines, newspapers, television, radio) as well as e-marketing (web banners, social media, mobile) and direct marketing. The aim is to provide rich insight into the media sources that are most popular with key target markets in Bermuda and which forms of media are the most effective at capturing attention.

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