Employee satisfaction


Your employees are the face of your company. How they feel about you as an employer will radiate outwards to your customers. Disengaged employees are unenthusiastic about their jobs and love to tell others how bad things are.

Engaged employees are psychologically committed to their work, go above and beyond their basic job expectations, and want to play a key role in fulfilling the mission of their organization.

Measuring employee engagement and satisfaction will provide insight into how your employees feel about you and what you can do to recruit and retain top talent. Using a third party, objective research firm allows your employees to open up without fear of recrimination.

Online surveys will ensure a greater feeling of confidentiality for your employees which will ultimately have a positive impact on both the quality and validity of the data. However, to ensure that all employees have the opportunity to provide feedback, where necessary, employees can have the option of completing the survey via telephone or on paper (i.e., written questionnaire).

Focus groups and in-depth interviews can provide the opportunity to engage in a deeper discussion on specific issues that may arise from the data from the surveys.

The Global Research team will work very closely with you in developing a customized measurement tool for benchmarking employment satisfaction and engagement.

With a Global Research and Strategy Group Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Plan, you can:

Determine benchmark measures and track the results over time to evaluate the success of the strategies you implement
Receive feedback and recommendations on how to improve employee engagement and satisfaction


Provide a “safe forum” for your employees to provide their honest opinions on how they feel

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